I have had dogs my whole life and Weimaraners since the early 90’s. I became involved in dog sports in 2002, starting with Conformation but then branching out to Rally, Obedience, Hunting, Retrieving, Nosework, Agility and most recently Pet Therapy.  The bond that comes from training, competing and engaging with your dogs is just incredible.  No matter what the outcome, both the exhibitor and the dog should be having fun.  I really enjoy being able to capture these great moments that are created when participating in these activities with your canine companion.



The images in the galleries are “as-shot” and directly from the camera. No adjustments have been made.  Cropping, color, and lighting adjustments will be made when prints are ordered. If you would like to see an image once I have proofed it, please contact me at activepawsphoto@yahoo.com


-Michelle Ostrander